A Stockholm-based startup that is bringing charging into the era of sharing economy.







The brief

BRICK is a Stockholm-based startup with the ambition to bring power banks to people who forgot to bring a charger, do not want to buy one, or simply want to get on with their day even when their phone is dying. BRICK approached us to create the technical infrastructure that powers the business and also leaned us to help shape their business model. A key feature of the sharing economy is the ability to move rentals from one location to another providing customers with the freedom of movement and helping to make “running out of battery” a thing of the past.


Our focus with BRICK was always to build something that scales with the technical demands and the company simultaneously.

Tyler D'Auria

Software developer at Redmind


Our solution

We started with a discovery process to understand the vision and requirements BRICK had in mind. We looked at other players in the sharing economy (power bank rentals, mobility, hospitality, co-working, etc) and explored the pros and cons of each. We created concept designs to explore different visual directions, settling on a bold, simple look based around geometric shapes developed as part of our build as you go branding. Redmind acting as CTO was also responsible for: Creating a platform that quickly scaled to new markets (Australia, Georgia, Turkey, Germany) Replacing the software the hardware used to communicate to the database and the application Providing a Talent Accelerator mob to push the product further, the TA mob build an internal sales application.


I was looking for a co-founding partner that could bring tech, design skills and go-to-market experience to the table.” “We would never have been where we are today without Redmind. I think that says a lot.

Emil Asselin

Founder & CEO of Brick


The outcome

Brick launched successfully in 2019. They saw strong initial rentals and positive feedback from their customers and the industry. We continue to work with them as co-owner as they expand to other countries.

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