Explore Your AI journey WITH REDMIND

AI is starting to appear everywhere. A bit scary. Yet enticing. Reshaping things we knew. Creating opportunites. Becoming available. Groundbreaking. Also just another new technology appearing. Let’s book an exploration meeting and take it from there.

Exploration Meeting

We meet and go through your needs. You might have an idea ready but need help with implementation. Have a need but lack a solution. Or just a sense that this technology would fit well for your challenges. Meet us in a workshop where we arrive at a way forward.

Cost: Free

Time: 2 hours

Accelerate. Fast.

Get a head start in your AI journey. Try one of our packages to get quick results. And get a feeling of how it is to work with us.

AI App template

Do you want your AI solution in your own app? Regardless if you have an existing AI solution or if you want us to build it we can help you release it as a mobile app using our ready to go templates to get going quickly.

Time: Days

AI Hackday

We meet, at our place or yours, and tackle your problems during a hack day - together. With a set agenda the goal is to find creative ideas and solutions to your challenges!

Time: One day

AI Chatbot

We build a unique chatbot for your domain based on a selection of sources (documents, web pages, or custom databases). You can choose whether to implement it yourselves or have us do it, whether on a website, in Slack, or elsewhere. We get it up and running quickly with the help of our framework for AI bots.

Time: 1-2 weeks

How we do it.

Over the years we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t to achieve a successful project. Whether it’s AI or something else. This is how we suggest you move on with us in a three step process. If it sounds good, let’s book an exploration meeting.


Proof Of Concept

Our simple entry model. We leave the kickoff meeting with a plan to validate a selected hypothesis, and within a week we deliver a prototype to test your hypothesis.



Building on a validated hypothesis, we make your AI solution production-ready and assist you in going live.


Scale up

We continue from your MVP and refine functionality and results. Based on your needs, the solution is developed to be more user-friendly, cover a broader functional range, and deliver more accurate results.

Selected AI work.



Agda.ai, a digital assistant for farmers, aims to streamline operations for all professionals in the agricultural industry. Through a user-friendly interface, users can ask questions and receive human-like responses along with relevant documents. Using cutting edge AI models we built a solution for a customized Large Language Model (LLM). Able to transform any kind of data into knowledge we fed it with vast amounts of curated agricultural data. This is all available as an AI chat mobile app.








Wndy is a Swedish startup that aims to offer the market's best HR expertise to companies of all sizes, with a focus on small and medium-sized organizations. We have developed a tailor-made AI solution for Wndy based on OpenAI technology, specialized in HR issues. The solution integrates authoritative sources and relevant Swedish legislation from authorities such as the Swedish Work Environment Authority, the Equality Ombudsman, and the Swedish Tax Agency with Wndy's large database of self-produced material. By using the service, you can quickly get answers to your HR-related questions and guidance on how to navigate through Wndy's range of services.




World of Mouth

World of Mouth

World of Mouth, "The ultimate insider’s guide to the world’s best restaurants," is an independent restaurant guide driven by a global community of experts. Explore a dynamic restaurant guide, compiled by leading experts in food and beverage that connects food enthusiasts with the best dining spots. We have developed a solution where AI automatically categorizes restaurants that users have reviewed, simplifying administrative tasks and expanding data without manual labor.




We. AI. You?

“We’ve finished a bunch of customer projects focused around AI now and are in the middle of a couple more. We love the journey from problem to solution. Now with AI as another tool in the toolbox.”

Fredrik Agegård, CEO at Redmind